Thursday, October 27, 2011

Boy Racer once again!!! by Jager Schumacher

I was getting my wife's car washed on Sunday morning. I pulled in and right behind me in line was a '69 Camaro. Orange, white hood stripe and it sounded like it was loaded. The guys took my car and I walked back and told the guy he had a very nice Camaro...he filled me in while our cars were being cleaned, 350 V8, aluminum heads, headers, roller cam, hot ignition, modified GM 400 transmission, said it dynoed out at 530 hp. I'm thinking he might be full of shit, but it sounded good, both his story and the car. He added he had 55 grand in it.
I suggested that I'd love to see and hear it run and why don't we leave together and hop on 101, I'd follow him and he could let me hear the V8 symphony. When the cars were finished, I bought a couple of bottles of water, handed him one and followed him out of the car wash and onto the Freeway entrance to 101. He canned the Camaro hard and took off with his back wheels spinning, I shifted The Cakes's car back into first and hit it at about 2500 rpm and stayed right on his ass, in fact when I shifted to 2nd I had to back off abit, we were quickly up on 101 and he crossed over to the left lane at about 75mph and hit it again. I was still in 2nd at at 4300 and shifted to 3rd at 7,000 still on his tail. I shifted into 4th at 7,000 and right at 110 mph I pulled past him on the right, ran it to 7,000 again and with him in my mirrors I shut it down at at about 130. Its just amazing what a Mercedes Benz C-43 AMG can do with 131,000 miles on it!
We pulled off on Westlake Blvd and into the shopping center, shook hands and laughed about what two old bastards had just done in past couple of minutes on 101. I told him to get his money back from the dyno guy, he said he was going to talk to the engine builder first!
I got back in the old Benz and realized I had left the AC on. I would have never done that when i was street racing as a boy.

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  1. Great story. Are you sure you're running a "safe" driving school?