Friday, October 28, 2011

"Our Sources Say" by Jager Lee Bain

Clear Channel is discussing the following scenarios with their in house legal staff:

1. Sending a "cease and desist" letter with threat of lawsuit to all broadcasters, manufacturers, Internet platforms and satellite operators from using the word "radio" in any activity up to and including sales presentations, correspondence, internal communications, logos and any and all usage of what had been, at one time, considered a generic name for terrestial and satellite electronic communication.

2. A similar letter will be sent to Howard Stern demanding he cease using the term "King of All Media" as that term will be, in the future, used by Clear Channel to designate the chief executive position at CC.

3. A petition to the FCC to redefine "radio" in the current FCC statutes to "audio only devices operated by corporations other than Clear Channel". CC is also requesting that the FCC and other agencies allow licensing by CC to other broadcasters and other interested groups to use the term "radio" by paying a yearly licensing fee to CC for its usage. Our sources say the FCC petition was accompanied by a copy of a 4.9 million dollar check to the US Chamber of Commerce to be used (under the Citizens United rule) to back political candidates who will see things the CC way.

Our sources also said NPR has already changed their name to "National Public Audio Only Device" to deflect any further conservative criticism. NPAOD acted based solely on the rumored actions of Clear Channel.

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