Sunday, October 23, 2011

Easy Target

efforts to cut Military and Veterans benefits are gathering momentum in Congress:
Determined to avoid spending reductions that would hit troop numbers, aircraft, ships and weapons, Levin, McCain and other lawmakers are urging budget-cutters to scrutinize the military entitlement programs.
So rather than cutting weapon system procurement or raising taxes on the rich, they are zeroing in on benefits. This is bipartisanship at its absolute worst
The military retirement program is really simple: Stay in 20 years, you retire with 50% of your highest acheived rank pay, stay 30, you get 75%. The program is the same across all branches and all ranks.

If you retire as an E-7 (Sgt First Class) at 20 years, your retirement is $2100 a month and they want to cut that hefty amount? That's bullshit, after a person has spent the best years of their lives working long hours, spending many of these years "down range". Moving from post to post, etc.

The trade off I've seen is one could get a partial retirement after 6-8 years in the service. A few hundred a month. For years the motivation has been "what the hell, I've been in 8 years, may as well stay another 12 and get my retirement."

Call your congressman and senators, today. Be nice but firm.

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