Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Sports Notes:
Did Tebow actually win in Miami or did the ‘Fins throw the
game to stay in the “Suck for Luck” sweepstakes?
Woof, we are getting a good World Series out of the Rangers-Cards!
The Colts are disgusting…are they in the “Suck for Luck”
Sweepstakes, too?
Carson Palmer looked like he got off the couch, suited up
and went in the game, actually, that’s what he did. Looks like he’s filled out
a little in the past nine months, doesn’t he?
We should have a ‘Luck Bowl” in between the playoffs and the
Super Bowl. The AFC team and the NFC team with the worst records play for the 1st
pick in the draft….winner gets the pick!
Watching HBO’s 24/7…Manny is one intense little dude. Best
line so far…Freddie Roach brought in a strength coach, his only advice, ‘Don’t
slow him down”. The one hand balancing on an exercise ball looks like a pure
bitch to do, that and the pushups on a weight bar set on the bar of a barbell.
Anybody miss the NBA? What, crickets?

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