Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our little "F-U" to Bee of A-Holes by Jager Lockheed

We divorced Bank of America today, the little red and white ATM cards are in pieces in the recyling bin. We, as thousands of others have, joined a credit union. ours is Lockheed Federal Credit Union. LFCU is handy, our branch is in Westlake Village. (Right next to the most expensive grocery store in the known universe, Gelson's!)

Interestingly, we had to register for an appointment to make the change to LFCU, they were that damn busy! I've read the switch from the "to big to fail" banks to community banks and credit unions is a massive movement nationwide, so we aint alone, buckaroo. Boeing Federal C U in Seattle reported an 820% increase in new accounts last week alone. If the crowd at Lockheed today was any indication, this is a big deal.

We've been thinking of switching, but when it was announced last week that B of A had transfered their toxic assets from an uninsured part of the company to a Federally Insured division, that was it for The Cakes and I.

The change took 20 minutes, checking, savings, Visa and car loan all switched and done. We left just enough money in B of A to cover the bills we pay on line, we'll pay them on the first, switch them over to Lockheed and then we are finished with the Bee of A-holes.

Mark us as "Contented Customers"

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