Monday, December 26, 2011

Words of wisdom from Zen Master Phil screws radio show

I heard today the first, I mean the first in a long goddamn time, glimmer of creativity on the radio, Ive heard in the past 3-4 years.

On 710 ESPN, the long drawn out moaning about the Lakers by the hosts, the fans and the damned guests was punctuated by the voice of Phil Jackson, fellow North Dakotan, former double date partner and the first guy I ever knew who drank wine! (Phil drank that swill, Matuese that was sold in clay jugs)

From the audio version of one of Phil's books, with appropriately strange flute music under and appropriate echo, Phil said, "from beyond the beginning of time and the line that flows from the beginning and into the future, forever, there has been the wolf. The wolf is the strength of pack and the pack is the strength of the wolf".

The producer just dropped that nuggget into the chaos of callers and yelling hosts...they were stunned, speechless and then the asshole hosting the show said, "see, I told you, only Phil Jackson can run this team, we need him to come down from his cloud and take charge and, and, and, and, aaaa, and, uh, anyway Jeannie should talk to him, ah i heard he still has his condo, ah, uh, uh, he's the master, man, the master"!

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