Saturday, January 21, 2012

Semper Fi

Double Jeopardy

The US military deals harshly with its own, despite what the
asshats running for the Republican nomination for President have said about the
“Pissing Marines” in Afghanistan, it wasn’t behavior that will be tolerated in
the USMC.
A friend of mine has a son in the Marines, good kid, two
years of college at UC-Riverside. Joined the Marines a couple of years ago,
after boot Camp he was trained to as an Air-Ground Combat Controller and
assigned to the Air-Ground Combat Center at 29 Palms, he had a security
clearance and dealt with communications and drone mission planning. He was
quickly promoted to Lance Corporal and then to Corporal. He was scheduled to go
to Afghanistan this past April.
In late March of 2011, he broke up with his longtime
girlfriend, got drunk, went off the road, hit a light pole and got a DUI. That
was Friday, he spent that night in the Riverside County lockup. The next day
the Marines picked him up and took him to the brig at 29 Palms and he spent
Saturday and Sunday night in USMC custody. His “Top” picked him up on Monday
afternoon and took him back to the company area, told him to take a shower, get
into a clean uniform and report to the Company Commanders office in 15 minutes.
At a short meeting , he was charged with Article 15 level of punishment,
reduced to private, lost his pay for 90 days, his security clearance was
rescinded and he was restricted to the company area for 90 days. A few weeks
later, he was told he would not be going on his deployment with the Battalion
and he was reassigned to a Marine Infantry Company based at Camp Pendleton.
After he spent a month doing weapons and ammunition inventory, his new Battalion
embarked for their 6 month Pacific cruise, he was on board.
In California it takes 90-120 days to get a DUI case into
court, his civilian attorney couldn’t speed up the process while he was at Camp
Pendleton and ended up getting a delay to cover him during his cruise. When he
got back from the 6 month cruise, he was reassigned to his old unit. When he
reported, the Company Commander and his Top greeted him with open arms, telling
him now that all the bullshit on the DUI was cleared up, they were going to
give him his stripes back, reinstate his security clearance and he could get
back to work, all was forgiven.
When he told them he still had to go to county court on the
DUI, they about shit their utilities. They sent him to the Marine JAG office to
get help. Hopefully this poor kid who has been punished by the Marines won’t be
punished by the state of California too. He is due in Court in the middle of February.

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