Monday, February 27, 2012

Another brush with technology

My pal Tom Cochrun (or as Richard Baily used to call him "Tom Conk-run") has a interesting post on his blog about the commercial use of drones, check it out at:

Heres another brush with top secret technology.

A friend of ours is a commercial airline pilot, he flies international routes. One day as he was wandering through National Airport, he bumped into an old pal he flew F-16s with in the Air Force. They hadn't seen each other for years and caught up over a cup of coffee. Our pilot friend asked what his old wingmate was doing and he said he worked for the Defense Deppartment. The guy asked where our pal was headed and was told he was on his way to Philly to fly to London that evening, the Defense Department employee asked "what time is the flight?" Our friend said "we leave at 10:45". They finished their coffee, exchanged phone numbers and addresses, and went their seperate ways.

A week later our friend got a photo of himself in the cockpit of his Airbus, the photo was dated and time checked. It was taken at 12:15 am when he was well over the Atlantic on the way to London. The picture looks like it was taken from a service ladder next to the plane. His old Air force buddy flies spy satellites for a living.

I was reminded of this story when Secretary of State Colin Powell was holding up the sketches of possible WMD sites during the run up to the Iraq War, saying the weather was too 'rough" to get adequate satellite my old pals in Boston used to say "vright"

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  1. Robert-
    Great story. Going to forward to some pals.

    Thanks for the plug as well.