Saturday, March 10, 2012

Getting some shit off my chest!

If I hear another interview on NPR, where obvious
misinformation isn’t questioned, I’m going to rip the audio system out of my
dashboard! (Notice I didn’t say radio!) I know, I know, NPR has changed its
policy from on “on the other hand” to allowing their hosts and news people to
question what factual basis their interviewees are using…they still don’t push
it, do they?

Am I the only one who thinks Mitt Romney may be more
uncomfortable in his skin than any human in history? He is the single most tone
deaf, least empathetic person in the world. Proto-typical venture capitalist! He is one of
the most bald faced liars in the history of US politics, Romney said to an
audience in Ohio last week, “I am proud that as Governor of Massachusetts, I
balanced the state budget for 4 straight
years”…total bullshit. A balanced budget is a requirement, by law, in the
Commonwealth since Massachusetts was a colony. Every goddamned governor,
Republican or Democrat, has balanced the Massachusetts budget for several
hundred years. And before that so did the colonial era governors.

Perry Michael Simon the news/talk editor at All Access did a
bullshit article on Limbaugh the other day, not exactly excusing Rush’s attack
on Sandra Fluke, instead PMS bemoaned the fact that radio “talkers” are not
discussing the issues that matter. Hey, Perry when is the last time Rush had an
insightful, nuanced discussion about anything? Play me the tape. Limbaugh
obviously doesn’t have a clue on how birth control works. What an asshole.
Somehow to Rush, the Bishops, the Religious Right and Pope Santorum the fact
that insurance covers boner pills and they’d rather it not cover birth control doesn’t
seem to be the least bit incongruous. The fact Rush was hooked on hillbilly
heroin could give him some cover, the rest of them, I’m not so sure.

It’s going to be interesting when the blood test results on Andrew Breitbart are released
in a few weeks, anyone who saw his behavior at CPAC knows there was something more than alcohol in his bloodstream.

In other news…

I hope Peyton Manning goes to a team with a big, strong offensive line. I’ve only had one operation on my neck like the 4 he's had and I know my neck isn’t normal. BTW, the nerves grow back under ideal conditions at the rate of an inch a month, my right arm wasn’t completely back
for almost 3 years after the operation, if I remember his last operation was in September of 11…figure it out.

All white NBA players who shave their heads or have really, really short hair should be required to get a spray tan before every game to avoid looking like they are on chemo.

St. Patrick’s Day

The first St Patrick’s Day New England Broadcasters
Association luncheon I attended in the 70’s the entertainment was Carmel Quinn
and Dennis Day. We later congregated at the bar at the Ritz Carleton and were
asked to leave within an hour. The last one I attended was in a bar in the
basement of the Prudential Tower and at 11pm, I found myself with an Irish-Portuguese
lass sitting on my lap facing me, over her shoulder I could see her husband
drunk at the bar. Was I nervous, no, because I knew she would defend me.

Lastly, when my Uncle Gary (a legend in his own time)
returned from Ireland after a farm tour, he was quoted as saying, “if I wanted
to see women with no tits, two stomachs and flat asses, I could have just stayed home”.
Aunt Liz was not pleased.

Thanks for listening and here’s a special tune for Mitt Romney…

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