Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bidness, Bidness, Bidness!

It's Bidness! Bitches!

I'm a businessman, have been for years. I've done okay, great a few times. It's really kind of simple, develop a product that has value and sell it to people who want it, need it or desire it.

Mitt Romney said "there should be a requirement that someone running for president should have business experience", what the hell? Okay then Mitt, the Chinese guy who does our dry cleaning has business experience, lots of it, he's been in business for over 30 years. My beloved Mercedes mechanic after toiling for 35 years for a dealership has been a businessman now for 6. The guy whose crew maintains the common area in my neighborhood is a businessman, too. I'd bet what Mitt really means is a businessman like him, venture capitalist and private equity man, not an actual, you know, guy who runs his own fucking business.

Bidness and Edumacation

The University of Virgina has canned their President at the behest of a donor, who is a businessman. He thinks the University should be more business oriented. Thomas Jefferson is in his grave yelling "just wait a minute, god dammit!" The University of Missouri's new prez is a businessman, a young aggressive software guy with a bachelor's degree in personnel management. He should be great in meetings with the head of the medical school or the history department. And last, but least. The former Bush Administration Budget Director and current Governor of Indiana Mitch (I sold the toll road!) Daniels has been chosen by the Trustees (most of whom he appointed) to be the new President of Purdue University. Even life long politico Daniels has some business experience, he sold pot in college. He got the charges reduced to personal possession even though his stash was 5 pounds. I can't wait until Daniels holds a press conference announcing Purdue's new Monsanto School of Plant Biology or the Eli Lilly School of Pharmacy.

What did Lenin say, "a capitalist businessman will sell me the rope I'll use to hang him."

Radio Newessss Bidness

Speaking of businessmen, Harvard MBA Lew Dickey, the founder, president, chairman of board, lucky sperm club member and big fucking deal at Cumulus Media was able (in less than 18 months) to completely and forever shit can KGO Radio in San Francisco, a station that for over 25 years was number in ratings and revenue in the Bay Area. The last rating book KGO was a falling number 8 in the market and moving toward terminal velocity. Good job Lew! At his last Wall Street conference call, none of the smart Wall Street guys even mentioned KGO, they were all talking about Lew's "visionary" digital platforms. Let me know when Lew's new concept starts to bill the 45 million a year KGO did.

Bankers as Gods

Anyone else notice the Republicans on the panel listening to testimony from Jamie Dimon the head of J P Morgan/Citi were ready to drop to their knees and reach for his zipper? I'm surprised they didn't leave the hearing room wiping their chins and lips.Maybe they swallowed?

And that's the way it is Thursday, June 21st, 2012 (Thanks Mr. Cronkite)

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