Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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The Old "Them" vs. The New "Them"

 Talking with a friend the other day, the immigration issue came up and he was uncomfortable (unlike 64% of his fellow Americans) with President Obama's Executive Order allowing children of illegals, under 30 without any criminal record, are enrolled in school, served in the military, graduated from school, etc be given 24 months without deportation orders being issued.

Hopefully sometime over the next 24 months we can come up with a sane immigration policy. Without coming right out and saying it, what my friend is really uncomfortable about is these people are, for the most part brown. Mexicans, Central Americans, South Americans and Asians from many different countries. "They" just don't look like "Us". I get that, but what he doesn't understand is the people who look like us don't even consider immigrating here anymore. Legal or otherwise. If you are  German, Swedish, French, Italian, English or heaven forbid Spanish, why the hell would you even consider moving here? Everyone of those countries have more income mobility and social mobility than the USA. We're the country that invented them fer christ's sake! Throw in good pay, health care, affordable higher education, the occasional high speed train and decent public transportation, they decide to stay on the other side of the Statue Of Liberty, who can blame them.

Short Thoughts:


How can a God Fearing, Jesus loving Christian like Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina (too big to be an insane asylum, too small to be a country) say something like this: It would be immoral to expand the food stamp program, it undermines these people. (This was a during a discussion about increasing the program 10 dollars a week.)

Damned Confederates, we should have hung Jefferson Davis and the rest of them for treason when we had the chance. Life would would have been much easier for the country, black and white!

Mitt Romney says what we have to do is secure the border first. Okay, Mitt what are you going to do when the low bid contractor to rebuild the border fence in the San Diego hired illegals to build it.. The Obama Justice Department tried him, fined him and put an ankle bracelet on him for 24 months? Your idea? Shoot him? Oh, probably not. The contractor is a Republican. Mitt would rather just deport the poor bastards working on the fence.

Drill rig in the Badlands
My home state of North Dakota (a state with a billion dollar surplus and 600 thousand residents, do the math) gets about 4 million a day in oil revenue. How much do you think the oil companies are getting? If the state would have asked for 8 million a day they'd still be drilling. ND has the the lowest unemployment rate in the country. Wages are up, the state is flush with cash. On the other hand the prices of homes, services, food are up and so is crime. I wonder what the plan is for the future when the Bakken Formation is a mature oil field and the jobs are gone, the schools are empty, shopping malls are covered with "For lease" signs and homes are empty with doors blowing in the wind. They don't have to go far to find out, only 500 miles. Drive out and take a look at Butte Montana?

Staying in the state of the "cattle and the wheat and the folks that can't be beat"
This is Father John Shea, the President of the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota. Father Shea runs a tax exempt educational institution owned by the church via an order of nuns. My old home state had a ballot measure that would allow "persons of conscience" to be able to refuse service. (birth control) to anyone for any reason if it violated their personal beliefs. Father Shea was all over television, radio and the papers urging the voters to pass this measure. Actually Father Shea, you were in violation of the constitution, unless of course you'd like your University to give up its tax exempt status.

Speaking of Catholics!

If you are a Catholic this guy invited you to leave the Church today, if you are unwilling to follow the exact dictates of the Nazi pope and bishops. If you are the least bit liberal, a priest, nun or lay person he pretty much said 'get out and don't let the door hit you in the ass". Bill Donahue the president of the Catholic League doesn't like you and you should pack your rosary and beat it. I think if you are Catholic you should. Join the Episcopal Church or any religious institution that isn't operated by old guys parading around in medieval costumes attempting to drag you back to the 16th century. I'd have a hell of a lot more respect for my Catholic friends if they'd demand Ratzinger send Cardinal Law back to Massachusetts so he can answer to state and federal charges against him, rather than have him hide in the Vatican. Too bad you guys can't get rid of that rat bastard Dolan, too.

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