Friday, June 29, 2012

What a freakin' week!

I'm exhausted, haven't slept all week. I lay in bed in a semi concious's been so bad I've moved into the guest room so I don't have to listen to Cake's say, "Shut out the light, shut it off, I heard you snore, you need to meditate, you're sleeping!" By 11 in the morning I'm half asleep at my desk. In the late afternoon I perk up and I'm not tired at bedtime. At least I'm getting some reading done. Since last Friday, I've read the Cronkite biography, a book on WW2 dis-information networks and 2 Walter Mosley 'Easy Rawlins" mysteries. Mom would be proud. And I'm tired, dammit.

Yesterday, a guy stuck his head into my office, an old dude. His name is Jere Kitzmiller. Jere was the Sales Manager of Cadillac Motor Division of General Motors. When he hit the GM mandatory retirement age he went to work Penske Corporation. Jere had heard about DRIVE! and wanted to see it for himself. We had a wonderful chat and we are going to get together again soon.
He said, "If Iwasn't so damn old (79) I get involved in this with you." I'll take that as a complement, Jere. Kitzmiller was widowed last fall, his wife was his highschool sweetheart, the old boy winked at me and said, I'm going on my first date tonight since highschool. Jere's date is a "babygirl", she is 65!

Jere told me an interesting story. Back in the 70's he bought a Mercedes and a BMW and brought them to a Caddy sales meeting at GM headquaters. He pointed out that those cars were the future and if Cadillac continued to produce (in his words) luxo-barges they'd be out of business. Jere laughed and said it only took them 30 years to pay attention! This kind of a caddy was Jere's dream.

 BTW, Jere has a CTS-V station wagon and a Z06 Corvette. I hope he gets "lucky" on his first date!

There is the old joke about a guy on tour of heaven with St. Peter and he notices a huge glass wall stretching to infinity. Behind the wall are thousands of people screaming and carrying signs. The guy asks St. Peter who they are. St. Peter tells him, "They are evangelicals, domininists and other assorted tright wing christians, they are never happy about anything!"

I imagine if Roe v. Wade ever gets overturned, there'll be right wing freak outs over why "a child has to carry her rapist's baby to term."

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  1. Good luck with the sleep issue, but your reading list is impressive.