Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More Vacation Workshops

                                                       Westport Sunsets Workshop

This was a difficult workshop as it required sitting in a comfy chair on the deck, drink in hand, waiting for exactly the right moment to pick up an automatic Canon digital camera, lift to eye, push the shutter, place the camera on table and resume cocktail hour. To get the perfect shot this process would require almost endless, precise repetition.

                  How to love and care for your Geriatric German Shepherd Workshop

This workshop concentrated on proper food, water, treats, petting, hugging and plenty of "doggie talk"!
           Both students passed with flying colors and the old boy is a tough taskmaster!

Dory tried to get this cat to join the workshop. "No way" said young Mr. Cat, that dog is not my kind!

                                                  Manly Cooking Workshop

The first dish is an extremely manly breakfast (women like it too!) Heritage white, red and blue potatoes with salami, red onions, eggs and a butt load of cheese! All plates were cleaned.

A workshop supper favorite, a spin on coq au vin. Full head of garlic inside the chicken along with a half of red onion. The organic bird (it tastes like chicken) is rubbed with olive oil, salted, peppered and some lemon is squeezed on it. Pour about a 1/3 of an inch of white wine in the pan. Roast with breast side down until nicely browned then flip it over and roast until nicely browned. Time depends on the oven. Let it sit while you make the mashed potatoes, broccoli and carrots to go on the side.

Another workshop project was making bread using Tom Micklin's recipe. I couldn't get the oven hot enough to make the "steam injection" work but we ended up with a nice, hearty, rustic, dense bread that was wonderful. Jan made brownies, they were gone so fast I couldn't snap a picture. We also had rib eyes, Kobe beef hot dogs with mac 'n cheese, fish that were swimming only hours before they hit the pan, pancakes, chicken apple sausage...the mind and belly boggles!

                                                         The Reading Workshop

                                                              Grandpa sets example

                                                          Grandson follows suite

                                                Synchronized reading, more difficult than it looks!

                                                              Model Airplane Workshop

This is an incredibly complicated Legos plane. Unlike his grandfather, D-Man reads the instructions!

                                                         The Private Art Studio

Perched on the edge of the cliff at the back of the property is a tiny little art studio. It has huge west facing windows and a small deck hanging in the air about 50 feet over the beach.

                                                              Various and Sundry Shots

This Ninja climbed the cliff at the Point Arena Lighthouse, appropriate because this is the closest spot on the coast to Japan.

Sharing dinner with the locals from across the street. The guy's name is Picasso, his parents were hippies from Topanga Canyon. Picasso's significant other Jennifer grew up in Westport with Bill Brazil's, the owner of the house, daughter Erin who is a musician in San Francisco. We had surf and turf, rib eyes and ling cod. Lots of wine and whiskey. here is Erin and her band, the Brazilionaires.

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  1. Gorgeous spot. Sounds as though you were well fed and plenty relaxed. Great to see those two generation of readers!!!