Sunday, August 12, 2012

Vacation Activities

IED Workshop.

Much to the consternation of the little woman, Dory and I opened an IED workshop on the front porch. We created a lot of flame, no major explosions. (Dory found a cache of little kid's fireworks in the house and they completely disappointed us both so we tried to step it up by building our own.)

                                                     Fishing out of Fort Bragg:

With a 12 foot swell working the boat over, here is D-Man through the door of Titan ll's cabin.

Dory caught the boat's first fish of the day and bagged his limit of 10!

Captain Tim's crew were great with Dory, the guy behind Dory is a retired mill hand named Bill, he handled the net for our fisherman.

Captain Tim, his crew of 3 and I were the only ones on the boat who didn't get seasick!

It's a good thing he only had toast and juice for breakfast! He bounced right back after a short session of the "heaves". We were on the water from 7am to almost one. The crew fileted D's fish and we were both napping by 3. Earlier that day, Cakes was so worried her drugged out hubby was going to be late, she snapped awake and without looking at the clock or or the watch on my arm woke me up. It was 2:30AM!

We had ling cod breaded in corn meal for! I served it with the bread we baked in the old wood cook stove.

                                                          Rainbow Workshop

Dory built this rainbow for Jan.

It made her very happy!

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  1. this part of the vacation sounds great. the bizness with the bad tooth and time in the ER is bothersome! get the pump checked need for most of the stuff you like to do...
    glad you are back home, safe!