Friday, August 3, 2012

Vacation Time!

Other than a week just after New Years, I've been doing 6 and 7 day weeks at DRIVE! for the past 7 months. The Cakes routinely works 55 plus hour weeks, believe me we are ready for a week off.

We were going to do another Airstream trip but passed because of the scarcity of good campsites this time of year in California. If you want to go to Yosemite and stay in the park, reserve now for next August! We thought about Shasta, Mammoth Lakes, Crater Lake even trailering all the way to Colorado. I said to hell with it and because we've had good luck with VRBO, I started scouring their website.

We found this little saltbox house built in 1872 in Westport, California. Westport with a permanent population of 66 is about a half hour north of Fort Bragg. The little house is right on the ocean and has a trail to the beach. It has 2 bedrooms, a bath and a half, a deck with a Weber. It has the original wood cookstove (and a modern gas stove too) a wood burning stove for heat. No cell, no cable, no web, but it does have a land line. It will be hard to be unplugged for a week, even harder to be away from my baby business.

Wesport has a little combo store-gas station-beer depot, word is, it's open when the guy who owns wants it to be open. So the kitchen with this incredible view must be stocked with food we bring from home. We have our menus planned, roast chicken one night, kobe beef hot dogs and mac 'n cheese another, tri-tip on the grill and much more. We are bringing plenty of wine, Martini supplies, some good old Knob Creek bourbon, too.

We decided to take our youngest grandson with us. His sister left for Copenhagen and his older bro spent 10 days at Shasta Headwaters camp, so this is Dory's vacation. He is a cool little dude of 9, he likes to cook like I do. Thanks to old pal Tom Micklin we have a fantastic receipe for French Bread and we are going to bake bread in the original wood burning cookstove. His great, great granma baked bread for years and years in a wood stove on the farm. I can remember her telling me, "Get me a piece of wood about the size of your thumb." knowing exactly just how much that stick of wood would raise the temperature in the oven. How did she know? Practice, I suspect.

I've downloaded 3 new books in my Kindle, Jan loaded up her IPad, we've got cards, a chess set and dominos. And 5 movies on DVD. I can listen to the last week of the Olympics on sat radio, NPR for news, too. We're going hiking, see the sights and sit on our butts at the beach, on the deck and probably on a rock or two. The old dog is coming along as well.

The weather this time of year on the North Coast; 80 in the daytime and 50 at night. August is the driest month of the year. We'll sleep with the windows open at night and listen to the crashing waves.

              I think this vacation may rank with the ones we took on our boat, maybe?

                   See you when we get back. Be safe, smile and dammit be happy!

(I think the guy who owns the little store that's only open when he feels like opening it, may just have life by the ass.)


  1. Bob and Jan-
    the un plugging will be good for you. get mellow..commune with the waves and breath deeply.
    Whate a great recharging for you!!