Friday, September 14, 2012

Getting Some Shit Off My Chest 2 point Oh

This is Jesus after viewing news clips from the Value Voters Summit, poor fellow seems to be upset doesn't he? He's probably thinking; first the Catholics and now these assholes! Maybe he ought to get his old man to bring some of that old testament hellfire and brimstone down on these posers. Of course if the old man hasn't knocked off Pat Robertson yet, maybe he's lost his mojo.

If you liked the foreign policy of the Bush administration, if Mitt is elected you'll get a replay. The entire neo-con crew is on Mitt's team including convicted felon Elliot Abrams and that evil fuck goes all the way back to St. Ronnie's Iran-Contra horseshit. You remember Iran-Contra, but Reagan didn't.
Some neo-con dick said today, "there would be no demonstrations in the middle east if Romney was President, they would have too much respect for him". These people are too fucking stupid to walking around on the streets.(or be allowed free air)

Speaking of the 'Values Voters Summit" the Romney campaign sent it's noted foreign policy expert, VP Candidate Paul Ryan (he personally stopped Kenosha from invading Janesville or vice versa, I believe.) Here's a line from his speech:

In the days ahead, and in the years ahead, American foreign policy needs moral clarity and firmness of purpose."

as Charles P. Pierce says: Mohammad. Lay down the struggle. The Americans have found someone to weaponize banality again.
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By the way Ryan started running campaign spots in his district today....for congress! He's obviously all in with Mitt!

This is Bibi Netanyahu, he is the man in Israel, he is also dictating Republican Foreign Policy. If Mitt is elected this motherfucker will get us into a war with Iran and if you think the deficit is high now, just wait....we'll be adding another unfunded neo con war to the fire and with Romney's tax proposal on top of it, George W. Bush will be remembered fondly. Oh! Wait a minute, I forgot deficits don't matter when there is a Republican in the White House and I know it's true because fucking Dick Chaney told me so!

See this fat, drug addled bastard, it's Rush Limbaugh. Premier Radio has this crazy fuck on 600 radio stations. (What a country!) Premier is owned by Clear Channel. You know who owns Clear Channel? Lee and Bain. Yes, my children, that Bain, the Mittser's old company. Until a few months ago, Limbaugh hated Mitt Romney with all the fire of a million suns. Ahhh, not anymore. And they syndicate Sean Hannity too and that asshole has changed his tune, hasn't he? What did Hillary say about a "vast right wing conspiracy" again?

This is, of course Sunday Talk Show fav, Senator Lindsey Graham who said this week what the Republican Party needs is "more angry white men". I believe you have them all now, at least that's what it looked like in Tampa, you closeted freak.

Question, who will be the first Republican between now and the election to call the President a "nigger"? You and I both know it's going to happen.

That's it, I'm going to read a book, god dammit!


  1. would you pay to see pit bulls gorge themselves on limbaugh?