Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Money Can't Buy Everything!

I've had gray hair since my 30's, white since my 40's. I think it came from my Grandmother's side of the family. My Dad's Mom was snow white when she was in her 20's.

On the advice of the woman who cut my hair at the Copley Plaza Hotel barber shop I colored my hair once when I was in my early 30's. When I got home, my kids who were 10 and 8 at the time broke into tears, my ex wife laughed and I never did it again! Believe me it was bad advice, very bad.

Check this out:

This is casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson, take a close look at his hair, the color doesn't exist in nature.

Another casino magnate, Steve Wynn, close to Adelson auburn, check out the plastic surgery and the teeth!

Auhnuld is moving toward the Adelson color palette as well!

Donald trump is in his 60's, not as bad as "shoe polish brown" but WTF? All you need to know about Trump's ego is this painting that hangs in the entry of Mar Lago, his Palm Beach home. (it doubles as a private club) I've seen it, it's huge and a lousy painting as well. Trump sells a reproduction of it for $1,100.

Here's Wayne Newton, shoe polish black hair, another favorite with old, egotistical men.

Whatever Wayne paid his plastic surgeon, it was way too much! I think the same guy did Mickey Rourke! Note the hair color.

I'd guess the same guy did Cher, too.

I think this highly skilled plastic surgeon, just bullshits his patients, he can only do one face. Newton, Rourke and Cher look like triplets.

Grow old gracefully, you asshats. You don't have enough money to purchase youth, it ain't for sale!

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