Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post Election Thoughts

Jan and I voted last night at 6pm after she got back from her Westside store. Super efficient and it took less than 5 minutes. We've had early voting in California since 10/6.
More people vote when it's easy to vote. (In Australia they fine you if you don't vote.) In some states it is almost impossible to vote given the hassles, restrictions and ever changing rules. Fraudulent voting is not a real issue, never has been and it won't be in the future, it's bogus.

I know people who became Republicans in the 80's for one reason and one reason only, Ronald Reagan gave them a tax break, they have all forgotten that he raised taxes as well.
I don't think we'll be hearing from any more Republican, Male, Rape Experts again, but I could be wrong.
I think this election is the death knell for the Sunday Morning Talk Shows. Finally John McCain will be able to sleep in on Sunday and get some rest, he looks like he needs it.
Are we finished with Peggy Noonan, Krauthammer, O'Reilly (moaning about the "white establishment" last night) vapid David Gregory, the Lincoln administration White House correspondent Bob Schieffer and the rest of the pundocracy at last?
Keep all cameras and microphones away from Donald Trump. From reading his twitter feed he has lost what ever was left of his mind, it's that or his hair dye has eaten his brain. Take his cell phone away from him as well.
Would I be wrong to assume the Evangelicals, the Bishops, the Fundies and the rest of the religious whackos will get back to calling Mormonism a Cult? Poor old Billy Graham will have to add it back to his lists or will his boy Franklin do it for him? 
Can we be done with "both sides do it?" or the phrase "some say".
If there were members of the Democratic Party as far to the left as a large chunk of the Republicans are to the right, they'd have to be slightly to the left of Che Guevara.
The Tea Party has cost the Republican Party 7 senate seats over the last two elections. Is there an adult in the room? Not a chance.
We've all seen the damage from Hurricane Sandy on the east coast, billions and billions of dollars worth of destruction. Charles and David Koch, the billionaire backers of right wing causes could personally pay to repair it all and still have money left over. Think about that for a minute.
Karl Rove who raised (fleeced) almost 600 million for his two Super Pacs and other shadowy political groups from rich wingers this election season got a commission on every dollar. I'd take a stab at it and say Rove pocketed 10 plus million for his services.
The rabid right wingers have decided that Governor Chris Christie from NJ is a turncoat motherf*cker. 
How long before the 2nd Obama administration is a failure? How long is it until El Rushbo gets on the air and says it is....5-4-3-2-1-Show Time for the fat man!
Jesus H. Christ am I glad this is over or as we used to say in Boston "ovah"!



  1. Karl Rove nearly lost his mind on Fox last night when they called it for Ohio.

    Rush reportedly started his show today by saying "It's hard to win against Santa Claus."

    Chris Cilizza said the other day his long shot prediction was that Scott Brown would get beat but then when John Kerry is named Secretary of State, Brown would run in the special election and win Kerry's seat.

    Whadda country!

  2. Great takes!
    Wish the Kochs had a scintilla of conscience so they would do as you say.
    Too bad you can't train pit bulls on Roves ass--that would be the one with mouth. He is your original asshead.
    Then there's rush. Isn't that why trash dumpsters were created?