Monday, November 5, 2012

Things that piss me off!

I drove the Cake's car to work today. After I parked it in the lot outside my office, I spent a moment admiring it. (We've had the car since 1999 and I still like it!) I noticed that the left rear wheel had a good sized chip on the rim. The wheels are alloy and I had them refinished a year ago. I was standing there thinking, "How the hell did that happen?" I walked around to the right hand side of the car and the right rear wheel had a similar chip, once again, "How the hell did that happen?" Then it dawned on me, we bought two new rear tires and the moron at the tire shop didn't protect the rims when he put them on the tire machine. Jerk! It costs $125. a wheel for refinishing. Should be an interesting argument with the guy who owns the tire shop.

Continuing our way through the parking lot:

Why the hell can't people park their cars in the middle of a parking slot?

Our parking lot was resurfaced last week and over the weekend they coated it with sealer. I noticed  when you walk on the sealer, it sticks to your shoes and then it drops off on the carpet in the office leaving nice black spots. Everywhere!

The gas station boogie:

I buy gas at a very busy Union 76 station. It has two rows of 6 pumps, meaning 12 cars could fill at the same time, if the drivers only used their heads! Usually some moron stops his car in between two pumps and makes it impossible for anyone else to fill up until he/she is done. Or someone will pull up to the wrong side of the pump, opposite of where their gas fill is...they then tie up 5-8 other cars while they attempt to maneuver their damn car around the island.

Couples who argue in the car, like the Cakes and I:

We have a navigation system in our Grand Cherokee, my wife doesn't use it. Yesterday she talked me into going to Stein Mart so she could use a gift card and take advantage of some on line coupons. Okay then, I get behind the wheel and she is giving me directions. I start to hear her say, "Take a left here, I think." or "We should have gotten in the right lane, because we needed to take a right, I think." or "I don;t think we are going the right direction on this street." This BS went on for 10 minutes as we cruised Chatsworth and Granada Hills. I finally pulled into a church parking lot, made her call the store and get the damned address. I punched it into the nav system and there we were 5.7 miles from Stein Mart. I turned to her and said, "Sweetheart, what do you think navigation systems are for, if not to navigate?" When we pulled out of the Stein Mart lot, I pointed out we turned right on Chatsworth Blvd, we drove down to Reseda Blvd and took a left and then drove to 101 get back to the damn store you just do the opposite. By the way, Sugar you can save the location in the nav system!

I usually drive the Grand Cherokee, the nav/entertainment system has presets for satellite radio, I have set 16 of them. I have no idea why after my sweet wife drives the GC all the presets are gone and I have to reset them, every damn time. She gets pissed when I bring it up.

Home Entertainment Systems:

Usually on Saturday night we watch a pay for view movie. We have a Time-Warner supplied universal remote, it supposedly will operate all the functions of our home entertainment system. Every damned time we find a movie we want to watch, the remote some how magically changes the cable setting on the TV and for 5 minutes we piss around trying to get the set back n the correct cable setting. It does it every time. Can somebody come to my house and hang around for the 4 hour window Time-Warner requires to come out and fix the remote? I'd be forever grateful.

We have a dynamite sound system for our TV, it has a huge sub woofer that works so well that when I watch Sports Center on ESPN it amplifies the "thump, thump, thump" bullshit that they run under their programming, it's so loud it makes me crazy. On a regular TV sound system you can't even hear it!

I need to take my blood pressure pill or go to a bar.


  1. or just go into the bathroom, turn on the cold water, scream, I mean really scream as loud as you can, emptying your entire diaphragm of air. splash the cold water on your face and back of your neck, smile into the mirror and then go have a glass of wine.

    1. Tom, I had two Stoly's with a splash of organic apple juice...I feel better. I worked until 6:30 tonight (started at 8)the interaction with the parents and kids made me feel much better.

  2. I agree with consultant Tom though I'd make sure no one else is in the house or office at the time.