Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

One of the parents of a little kid slain in Newtown, CT at Sandy Hook school was heckled by NRA gun nuts during his testimony the other day. WTF is wrong with these people? What responsible gun owner would even want to associate with them? Jesus H. Christ! BTW, since Sandy Hook, 1800 people have been shot in the USA.

Sarah Palin is out of work, so is Bristol and Todd didn't fish last year or work his good Union job on the oil rigs. Hope Ms Snowbilly saved some of the cash Fox paid her or that house she bought in North Scottsdale is going to be up for sale soon. Maybe it can be packaged with Bristol's pad? Fame is fleeting!

I live in a state with a ton of illegals and as much talk I hear of them ripping off the system, believe me they get ripped off by the system, big time. There are businesses here (and in other states) that do contract labor for employers. Let's say I need 15 laborers to clean up a warehouse. I get a hold of one of these outfits and they send the guys to do the work I need done. I write a check for a flat amount and the suppliers takes care of the details. The supplier pays the workers and the job is done. I have a clean warehouse and no worries. The labor supplier deducts Social Security, Medicare, Federal and State taxes from the workers pay, doesn't send the deductions anywhere because there are no SS numbers involved. The supplier just pockets the money. Some business are ballsy enough to do it themselves, a car wash in Thousand Oaks operated like this for years, finally someone blew the whistle, the car wash was fined 450k, sounds like a lot of money and a big fine, right? The best estimates say the car wash owner pocketed 900k during the years he was fined for. Another car wash operator (5 locations) had illegals 'audition" for 2 weeks at no pay to see if the customers "approved of them". On a personal note, I had a husband and wife cleaning crew do my office, they were illegal, the billing was sent by a straw company, I paid the straw company, god only knows what they got paid by their front. I pay them cash out of  my pocket now. They are good at their jobs, bring their own cleaning supplies, show up on time. He has been here for 8 years his wife for 6 and they've worked their asses off the entire time and been screwed everyday. Time to make them legal taxpayers.


  1. Bob-
    In a sense they are taxpayers--they pay taxes on their supplies, gas, auto, merchandise, etc, etc.,. People forget that they are contributing to the economy even if they are not paying an income tax or sending some of their money home, because they spend here as well.

  2. Right on Bob-----glad you still have a lot of energy!!!!!