Friday, February 15, 2013

Bristol Farms Adventures

We shop at Costco and Von's, but mostly at Costco, because I like having a year's supply of toilet paper and paper towels on hand. 

Occasionally I go to Bristol Farms, a high end grocery store. Why? Because of the really good meat, fish and their superb bakery. How high end is Bristol Farms? Amy's organic soup is a dollar more a can than it is at Costco, Knob Creek Bourbon is 9 dollars more a bottle than it is at Von's.

One Sunday morning at 8, I was in line behind a rather bummy looking guy, long white hair sticking out from under a baseball cap, ratty sweat shirt and faded jeans. He was dressed pretty much like I was. He was having trouble with his pin number, so much so he called home and asked what it was, no luck there. I thought I recognized his voice, he turned around and it was Sam Elliot.

Sam had a pound of bacon and bottle of orange juice and he was screwed, no cash and a forgotten pin number, Sam looked at me and said 'How fucked is this?" I bought his bacon and juice for him. Shook his hand, gave him my card and I got the money back a week later.

Another time at Bristol Farms, The Cakes and I were followed by this person, up one aisle and down another.

Heather was with her Mom and daughter, Heather looked pretty rough. The next week she was arrested for DUI. We've seen Heather at Costco, too.

Here's another Bristol Farms shopper:

And another:

Richie Sambora, Heather's ex and Jon Bon Jovi's guitarist. He really looked like shit, but his Lamborghini was nice!

We used to see Lenny Dykstra all the time:

Not so much anymore:

Here is a guy who should be in jail and isn't. (I only see him at the gas station)

Angelo Mozilo, ex Country Wide CEO.

That's the latest update from sunny SoCal! 80 degrees today.


  1. Nice neighbors.

    Judy says Sam could have run his card as a credit rather than a debit. Then he wouldn't have needed his pin number.

    1. Probably never thought of it or knew it. the check out dude was zero help.

  2. Your voice probably dropped a couple of octaves just by shaking Sam's hand. My dad sounded like him. Remember his role in We Were Soldiers-he was channelling my pop.

    Next time you see Angelo, punch him in his crooked mouth and paste his nose all over his leathered skin. And then drive away.

    1. I wish I had turned on the note taking function on my phone, be great to have Sam saying, "How fucked is this?"

      Ever see a picture of the Sgt Major Elliot portrayed in 'We were Young"? Same type as Sam just not a handsome dude.