Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Moving Back into the old Place.

Some thoughts while the vacuum I'm pushing sucks up the dust that's gathered around this dump...the door creaked when I unlocked it and it smells musty in here, been a while.'s strange to realize the business you spent (maybe wasted?) your life in is irrelevant. If I could start over again, would I do something else? Damn right I would.

...I feel bad for the parents of the Navy Seal killed when that Chinook was brought down, but getting hooked up with a grifter like Larry Klayman and suing the President for your son's death? Your kid was a Navy Seal, he knew what he signed up for, even if you didn't. You won't win, but Larry Klayman will. BTW there is no record, written or recorded of any of the people being sued uttered the words "SEAL TEAM 6"

...ever wonder about those web ads asking "SHOULD WE FIGHT OBAMA ON GUN CONTROL?" or "IMPEACH OBAMA?" Here's what happens when you click on them: if you agree with the message you'll be asked for your name, address and e-mail. The next thing you know you'll start getting all kinds of "important news" from "important" groups. You'll think you're smart, popular and your opinion is very, very important. You're not, you've been sold. The grifters need as many "like minded" people's names as possible, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of them. What they want after you give them your name is your money. long before a Border Patrol Agent shoots and kills one of those militia men on the border in Texas? The Border Patrol doesn't want them there nor do the local cops.

...wonder when the accountants who run Clear Channel Communications will have the meeting where somebody says, "why the hell are we still paying Rush Limbaugh all this money?"

...seems interesting that Navy Seals really love to talk about Seal Team Six and members of the similar Special Operations organization Delta Force say little or nothing about what they do for a living. A friend of mine, a Colonel in the Army, says the Seals are cowboys. That statement could start a fist fight in a bar in San Diego.

...Americans go nuts when ISIS or what ever they are calling themselves today publicize the beheading of an American journalist. For a little perspective, our good friends and allies the Saudis have beheaded 19 people since August of 2013.

...speaking of the Saudis do they have any actually plans to use their large well equipped military against the enormous threats the King spoke so eloquently of last week?

That's it, I have to change the bag on the vacuum. As Charles P. Pierce always sez..."play nice yah bastids.