Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Question for our Politicians

The Iran agreement...

Here’s the question for every wavering Democrat and every Republican: “If you choose to reject the deal and go against the rest of the world, how much will you raise taxes and how many kids from your district are you willing to sacrifice to go to war with Iran at the behest of AIPAC, the Likud party, Netanyahu and Neo con wet dreams?”

Here are the military estimates of the costs of a war with Iran...

Likely US troop deaths: 15,000, Likely US troops lightly injured: 270,000, Likely US troops more seriously wounded: 90,000

Direct cost of war: $5.1 trillion, Cost of caring for wounded troops over lifetime: $9 trillion to $18 trillion

Likely Iranian deaths: 300,000 to 1 million,Likely Iranian injured: 900,0000 to 3 million, Iranian displaced: 12 million (out of 75 million)

Opportunity cost to US: $23 trillion

This works out to about 35 dead kids per congressional district

So how ’bout it, you fuckers? How much are you willing to raise taxes to pay for this?

What High School senior class of kids are you willing to look in the eye and say “Sorry, but three dozen of you need to die.”

And if you think Israel is going to do anything on their own , you're out of you're mind.

Thanks to the Balloon Juice blog and Juan Cole...

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