Sunday, March 20, 2016

KIngs-Bruins at Staples Center

Notes from the Kings-Bruins last night...

SoCal has a population from all over the world, not only was the crowd at Stapes diverse, there were one hell of a lot of Bruins fans at the game. Rough estimate, 10-15% of the crowd were wearing Bruin's gear. The Massholes were chanting and taunting the Kings fans.

The suite level has indoor and outside seating, we sat outside. There was a family sitting in front of us, Mom. Dad and two kids. The fan was the little girl, maybe 9 or ten years old, she had on an Anze Kopitar jersey and never took her eyes off the game. Her brother looked bored, she was a fan.

The best kiss on the "Kiss Cam" (a Lakers invention from the Show Time days) was from a chubby, white haired, old couple. The kiss was movie quality, so much so they needed to get a room.

In the 19 years Cakes and I have been a couple, this was her first NHL game. She's been to one baseball game, the 7th game of the 1997 world series, hasn't been to one since, even when we lived a 1/2 mile from Fenway Park.

We left home at 5, got home at midnight. It was worth it. 

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