Monday, April 18, 2016

Inconvenient Facts

Fix our problems, why no we wouldn't think of it...

Mississippi (God Damn) ranks at the bottom of all states in the US in almost every category, income, poverty rates, teen pregnancy, if it's a bad thing Mississippi wins the category. What is the state government in Mississippi doing about their state's problems?  Nothing.

Last week, rather than taking a long hard look at why their state is a loser. The legislature passed a law allowing people to bring guns to church, no concealed carry permits, no training, no nothing. In Mississippi you can pack heat for Jesus.

Voter fraud is virtually non-existent in the US...

Kansas has spent millions of dollars to root out voter fraud. They found 3 cases, two of the fraudulent voters were a husband and a wife, who had a home in Kansas and another in Colorado, they mistakenly believed they could vote in local elections in both states.

The 'crusade" against voter fraud is really a crusade to keep the "wrong" people from voting. Wisconsin actually slowed down their vote processing machines in Madison, the most liberal city in the state, making the lines even longer.

Republican controlled states have cut the number of polling places. They've also made it even more difficult to register to vote. Maricopa County AZ, slashed the number of polling places for their primary citing budgetary reasons. Maricopa County is a blue spot in a red state. Funny the red counties had the same number of polling places as they've always had.

In Texas a University picture ID doesn't qualify you to vote, but a Texas gun permit without a picture does.


Our election campaigns are far too long. Ted Cruz announced his candidacy for president 11 months before the first primary. 

Voting is a pain in the ass in the US, it's hard to register and for a lot of people it's hard to get time off to vote on a Tuesday.

Why not automatically register everyone to vote when they turn 18?

In California, when you get a driver's license, you check a box to register to vote and yes, even though we issue driver's licenses to non-citizens, they don't get to register to vote.

Why don't we vote on Sunday?


Les Moonvies, the Chairman of Viacom made less money in 2015 than he did in 2014, he dropped from over 70 million in compensation in just over 67 million.

Uber drivers in Charleston, SC make a $1.70 on a five dollar fare and they buy their own gas and pay for their insurance. Uber is simply a cab company without the overhead.

Investment bankers destroyed the radio business, it took them less than 20 years to do it.

Tesla has 267,000 deposits on their new lower priced car.


By 2020 over 52% of the US population will live within 100 miles of the coast. I'd like the talk about "Coastal Elites" to just stop.

I read a story the other day that those of us who live on the coasts don't understand the "real" Americans because we don't eat at chain restaurants and or watch network television. I see a lot of cars in the parking lot at Olive Garden restaurants and all the other major national chains in California and the LA television stations are doing just fine.

As a coastal elite I don't eat at Olive Garden because the food sucks, same reason I don't eat Pizza Hut pizza or eat at Taco Bell. One the other hand I could eat a double-double animal style from In 'n Out Burger at 6:45 in the morning with no problem.


HBO's "Confirmation", the show about the Clarence Thomas' hearings for the Supreme Court drew a complaint from former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson. Simpson didn't like the way he was portrayed. When it was pointed out to him that the dialogue from the hearings was word for word from the hearing transcripts, he shut up and went away.


  1. Sounds like Mexico who nobody rags on either.

  2. Badda Bing! You nailed it, several times. Love the idea of a Sunday vote.