Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Cakes is from New York

Here's something...From the Washington Post, “New York has plenty of values that Ted Cruz wasn’t counting on”:

With the New York primary just days away and the airwaves filled with presidential candidates talking about New York values, two guys were discussing the subject during a coffee break on Wall Street.

“Hey Steve,” one friend called to another. “What’s a New York value?”

“Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness — and Ted Cruz is a complete a–hole,” said Steve Giannantonio, who works in finance.

“That’s a New York value.”…

“Where is Ted Cruz from anyway?” said Freddy Aponte, 35, a building super from the Bronx.

“I don’t know, Kansas?” said his co-worker Elijah Moses, 30, from Harlem. “Ohio?”

“Some place with 99 people,” said Jeury Jimenez, 19, a baker from Harlem…

Just down the street, two guys in nice-looking suits were standing outside, not far from where the World Trade Center had once been. They looked like Wall Street bankers, but it turned out that one of them was a lawyer who was a part-time actor, and the other was a writer, director and actor, and they were about to film a car commercial, proving the point that another New York value is not making assumptions about people.

“I think he meant to distinguish New York Jewish elite liberals from the rest of the country,” said David Denowitz, 59, the lawyer, referring to Cruz’s jab. “I took it very badly, because I’m a New York Jewish elite liberal. Well, upper-middle class and educated.”

“New York is really a shining example for the rest of the world — we’re Muslim, Catholic, Jewish, and we all ride the same subway, we all sit at the same lunch counter, and no bombs go off because no one feels the need,” he said, pointing out that the obvious exceptions were the work of outsiders

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