Monday, April 25, 2016

Yes these People really are Assholes

Writer David Akadjian is a very brave guy. He waded in the one of the many cesspools on Reddit and engaged the anti-PC whiners. They are really angry about political correctness. As you scroll through his Reddit adventure is what these people want is the right to be an asshole and never get called out on it.

Akadjian wanted to hear what they had to say about PC. Instead of arguing, he asked, “What is it that you want to say but don’t feel you can?”






Here's another...

You can’t call midgets midgets and you can’t call gays fagots (sic).


  1. PC is one of the curious episodes of our era. There are instances where "micro aggression" in class rooms seems absurd. There should be nothing that can not be addressed in an academic environment, even if it is unpleasant, disturbing or singularly unbalanced. Academy is a place where inquiry, reason, examination and exploration are to occur. Anything that limits study or discussion is damnable and should not be permitted.
    History needs to be taken on its own terms. It should be solid and there must be a codicil that one needs to see things in their own times as well as through the analysis and commentary that comes later. That is an entirely different process than revisionist history. Revision comes naturally, but to jump into a 1965 sexual political article with a 2015 post feminist or post modern deconstructionist perspective is not going to add insight, it is merely polemic, which while it might be entertaining, does not add clarity to understanding the reality of forces at work in 1965.

  2. Then on the other hand when you get down to a basic level like these guys on Reddit, they just want to be "assholes" but are too sensitive about being called an asshole if they call a woman a fat pig. They make zero sense.