Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I deal with these people so you don't have to!

One of my neighbors functions as surrogate for my winger bro
in law, he keeps me sharp since my winger bro in law and I no longer speak. I
have long since stopped worrying about why my sister married him, I’m
comfortable with the fact she wanted to raise his daughters, she did a great
job and that’s that!

Back to my neighbor, from time to time he ambushes me at the
mailbox and wants to start talking politics and I’m happy to oblige. The other
day it was how Obama stopped the Keystone XL pipeline with his radical,
environmental agenda. No doubt he picked this up from listening to Rush, Hannity,
Bill Handel and John and Ken on KFI radio (the station for angry, yet, very frightened
white males) since he had all the talking points memorized. Gas prices up
because of Obama, he won’t let us drill, baby, drill, we’ve got plenty of oil
if only Obama would let us drill, baby, drill. Gingrich promised 2 dollar gas,
so did Romney, the Kenyan usurper won’t let us, drill, baby, drill.
When he stopped for a moment to wipe the spittle from his
frothing mouth, I jumped in with a few questions for the red faced, shit bag

Who actually stopped the Keystone XL? Wasn’t Obama, it was the
state of Nebraska refusing to permit the pipeline and why the refusal? Because
the farmers and ranchers don’t want it built over the Ogallala Reservoir, most
of them are probably Republicans.

The XL will carry Canadian oil. Oil owned by Canadian companies and is not targeted at the American market. All the Canadians want is a warm water port so they can sell the Canadian oil on the world market. Canadian oil doesn’t belong to us, understand?

If the asshats running for the Republican nomination think
we are ever going to see two dollar gasoline again, there is only one way to do
it and that’s nationalize the oil business. Is that going to happen?

As far as drill, baby drill goes, we now have more wells
pumping and under development in this country than we have had in decades. And
the vast majority of the leases have been let by this administration.
Like my winger bro in law, the facts never penetrate his bubble. Nor do answers come from his leering mouth.

I do miss my bro in law’s thesis that all the oil from the dead dinosaurs in the Bakken formation in North Dakota is there because of Red State politics and good, hardworking

Conveniently forgetting that Bakken was a government geologist and the technology that allows deep shale recovery was developed using government research grants.