Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jager's Review of Books.

I've been reading books in series. I started with the Girl with Dragon Tattoo series a year or so ago, then read all of the Game of Thrones books back to back. (I was so into it I started to address The Cakes as Milady.) I then went back to single books, then hit it again with the Robert Caro LBJ biographies, back to single books like the new Cronkite bio and heavy into series with the Harry Bosch books and then the Easy Rawlin mysteries, all 6 of them. I'm a heavy reader.

            This past week I finally dipped into E.L. James 'Fifty Shades of Grey" trilogy.

Jager's capsule review:

College senior (a rather rare young woman, a virgin at 22) meets a 27 year old Billionaire. Kinky sex and life changing affirmations ensue for the star crossed couple. Anastasia  discovers she likes to be taken to the "Red Room" spanked, "gently" whipped with a soft suede flogger, tied up, cuffed to a spreader bar, paddled with a ruler and has fantastic sex on top of Grey's grand piano and or his pool table. Plus she rather enjoys having toys inserted in her butt. Christian (the billionaire) on the other hand begins to like soft, sweet, sleepin' together boring sex. "Ana" who had never performed oral sex discovers she has a true and genuine talent for it, the first time she tries it! And she swallows, even. The tie on the cover is very significant, because its the first thing Christian uses to tie Ana's hands with! James takes her readers on a trip through the world of subs and doms. Chests full of nipple clamps, genital clamps, whips, canes, floggers, handcuffs, ropes, leather belts, ball gags, hoods and non-disclosure agreements. "Fifty Shades of Grey" has sold 40 million copies and James just sold the movie rights. I found in reading all three books it was a barely erotic fairy tale. On the other hand all the twenty somethings in The Cake's office love it. After learning that, I'm trying to conjure up young Esperanza trussed up in her mother's house in Oxnard with her sweating, grinning and aroused concrete worker boyfriend lubing up her butt plug!

On a personal note, many years ago a Dyan Cannon look-a-like talked me into a bit of bondage. I discovered that in addition to my claustrophobia I really hated being tied up like a hog with a hard on!

Continuing with this topic for a moment, at 5:30 this morning I was reading one of my favorite blogs, John Cole's Balloon Juice. The discussion was reality TeeVee. The comments went through all the usual suspect shows, then a commenter wrote;

"I never watch reality teevee, but if they had a show called "So You Think You Can Fuck!" I'd be there!"

Imagine the possibilities. Maybe E L James would be a judge.

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