Monday, July 16, 2012

Lake Wobegon@The Hollywood Bowl and Penn State

We went to the Hollywood Bowl on Friday night and saw Prairie Home Companion. We had a Terrace Level Box. We had a nice bottle of white wine, roast chicken, salad and rice pudding. I packed it all in a bamboo picnic box we've owned for 5 years and never used. It was delightful, The Hollywood Bowl is superb! And so is the Studio City Park 'n Ride. Oh and people complimented our picnic box! The guy sitting behind me on the bus was a recording studio engineer, he had a few good stories about Eddie Van Halen.

Keillor put Cakes and I in such a mellow mood, I tried to not think about the bullshit being spewed through the fire hose around the country.

Let's revisit the Penn State tragedy for a minute. Coach Sandusky was caught blowing a 12 year old boy in 1998, rather than call the authorities Penn State covered up by letting Coach Sandusky retire. Not only did they let him fucking retire, they gave him 168k, an office on campus and run of the football facilities and of course, Sandusky continued fucking and sucking little boy's. In 2001 Sandusky gets caught again. Once again, Penn State covers up. This bullshit continues until last fall when Sandusky is arrested and charged. Paterno lies to the grand Jury and immediately begins to renegotiate his deal (it ran through the end of this year)with Penn State. The school gave him a one year deal worth 3 million dollars plus other bennies including a suite and use of the Penn State jet. Not only does old Joe get to use them, his family does too, for the next 25 years! This deal is so shaky, dirty and nasty, the Penn State administrators who put it together didn't even tell the board that runs the school until it was done. Paterno's entire exit package ends up being worth 5.5 million. Enjoy it, you assholes! 

You have to be pretty sure Sandusky didn't start his pedophilia in 1998,  you can also be damn sure that his "special interest" in troubled young boys went back decades. The school, its Athletic Director, the President and Joe Paterno knew about this for years and years as well. Take down Paterno's statue, take his name off the library because when Penn State needed him the most he failed.

Charlie Pierce says, "Joe Paterno is Cardinal law in horn rimmed glasses." 

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  1. Your evening at the Bowl sounds delightful. We've see Keillor and are regular listeners. He's the best of radio, in all ages.
    Your comment from Pierce is powerful. Shame on Penn State.