Monday, July 23, 2012

Let's go Deer Hunting, This Fall!

Which Rifle would you use to get that Trophy Buck?

Sako L461, .17 Magnum.(.17/.222Rem Mag.),,20" bbl.,5 lb. 10 oz.,13 3/8" L.O.P.,Stockwork by Nils Hultgren. With Leupold 3-9X40mm scope & Conetrol rings & bases. Costs around 6k with a scope.

Tactical Customs model AR15 M4 in 5.56 mm with a 16: barrel, costs $1249.00

With the Sako you could get a nice clean kill at a good distance, with AR15 it would be a bitch, wouldn't it?
Somehow these two rifles, each designed with a specific purpose are classified as the same type of weapon. The Sako is for killing game the AR15 is designed to kill people. The AR15 with it's standard magazine holds 20 rounds of ammunition, The Sako holds 6. Most hunters, if they miss with the first shot, are lucky to get off another before the animal is gone, much less 20. Probably the last Military weapon that would work well for hunting is the M-14 and its been out of production since the early 60's. If you trek up to the Maine Woods this fall you won't find any serious hunters carrying an AR15 or  any tactical style weapon. Guys who buy them may say they are used for hunting but they are lying.

I had a guy working for me as a morning show producer who was permitted to carry. Shortly after I hired him I noticed he was walking around my radio station with a holstered Glock 9mm. I asked him what it was and he said "9mm Glock with 17 in the magazine and one in the snout!" I told him to unload it, give it to me and I'll put it in the locked file in the business office and you can have it back when you're done working and don't ever bring it in the office again, understand? He protested and I told him that if our freaking radio station was such a dangerous place to work that he felt he needed to carry a gun that maybe he shouldn't work here. He complied and didn't bring the gun to work anymore. We all felt more comfortable with Ernie after that. He was a good guy but, obsessed with guns.

Remember this guy? A life size cut out of Aldo survived a vicious attack in Charlestown, MA.

Aldo's cut out was placed in the living room of an off duty Massachusetts State Trooper by the trooper's 12 year old daughter, she'd gotten the owner of a neighborhood liquor store to give to her.
The trooper came home drunk around 2am, saw Aldo in the corner of the living room and he squeezed off 6 rounds at Cella and missed from 15 feet away. The rounds entered the troopers bedroom and stitched a tight pattern in the headboard of his bed, they fortunately missed his sleeping wife, a former nun. This guy, who did traffic reports for us, was well trained and had to qualify with his weapon twice a year. No wonder that about 80% of the people killed or injured by guns in this country are related to or know the shooter!

Do you think this guy is harboring any fantasies?

He is a militiaman "training" in a State Park.

300,000,000 Guns and way too many are owned by ill trained idiots. They are too easy to buy, too easy to carry. You'd think common sense would tell you it should be at least as hard to buy a gun as to get a driver's license.

Maybe we should seriously consider Chris Rock's suggestion, "Buy all the guns you want, but make bullets really expensive!"

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  1. When ever I raised the issue of the automatic weapons-for what purpose? I was always swarmed by NRA members and those who somehow calculate that any discussion of weapon intent infringed on the Second. I suppose the automatic weapon in the hands of a competent competition marksman is fine, but how many of them are there? And how many others get ahold of the people killing weapons?