Friday, July 6, 2012

Life Styles of Rich and Famous School teachers

Both my girls are teachers, at least they were. When they were teaching they were honored by parents, students and their peers. My oldest girl called and said. "Dad, I don't have to teach anymore. After all, my fellow teachers and I looted the economy, caused the banks to fail. Our high salaries and opulent pension plans have crushed the state of California. We teachers crashed the housing market. In addition, we're pretty much responsible for the deficit. I've got mine and I'm so outta here."

Her sister, who taught in a local school system and for the Feds on an Indian Reservation, feels the same.

After looting the economy, both my girls are wearing designer clothes and driving Bentley GTs. I'm hoping they will (they certainly are able) to shoot me some cash for my old age.

My oldest girl after looting the Santa Cruz School District and playing them for the suckers they are for 16 years is now ensconced in a multi-million dollar home in the San Lorenzo Valley. She is of course laughing at all of us work-a-day suckers trying to earn a living doing "real work". Her ex-husband after putting in a few years in the classroom is now living on his yatch in Santa Cruz harbor.
My youngest girl after leaving the teaching profession after 10 years and then spending several years "finding herself" is now living in God's country, Bend, Oregon. Bend is the locale of choice for wealthy school teachers to live in the sunshine, look at the mountains and breathe the fresh air while they clip coupons from their off-shore accounts.

I'm a proud father when I think of my con-artist daughters spending years fooling the public. Laughing while they took huge amounts of cash while only working 9 months (9!) of the year. My Baby Aunt Liz is in on this con as well and I have a niece and cousin who now have their beaks in the public trough.

Young Wall Street Bankers. brokers, bond traders and hedge fund operators scour the hot vacation spots trying to find a school teacher to hook up with so they can finally have some financial security. Teachers are literally wined, dined and romanced while they vacation in all the right places in the Caribbean, the Greek Isles, The French Riviera and Tuscany. One teacher said  Hedge Fund Operators were as thick as the humid Florida air while she was on a recent Palm Beach School vacation, to quote her "I had to beat them off with a stick, all they were interested in was my money and my retirement account, what a bunch of sleaze bags!" She went on to say, "Its no better for male teachers, Palm Beach widows have abandoned their 'walkers" and are chasing school teachers down in poor attempt to salvage their once opulent life styles."

I can only hope that my children can find the right partner, a person with their own income, retirement and a solid future. A person who works as a Prison Guard, a Post Office employee or better yet a city maintenance worker. I dare not hope for a bus driver or a DMV clerk!


  1. And those rich teaching children of yours must be caring for you in a lavish manner.
    Great post. Your case is very nicely made.

  2. Greetings from the Riviera!