Thursday, July 5, 2012

Republican Folk Art

There is a thriving art market aimed at a growing segment of the population here in the good old U S of A. The market is the right-wing, semi fascist, christianist market. Found mostly in Red States and in some Blue states too. Orange County California is an example of a red dot in a field of blue.

                                         This Jesus as a Founding Father is an example.

                           Here is another, Jesus teaching a child about the 2nd Amendment.

Here are some "artistic" twists on the Shroud of Turin. People in other countries don't "hate us for our freedom", they just think we are nuts! can you blame them?

Then there is the very popular Muscle Bound Jesus, he is ready to beat his gospels into you!

  Then we have Jesus the Biker!

                                              And of course Jesus the businessman

            Then we have the ultimate marriage of Christian Belief and Republican Sainthood!
                                                            Reagan on a Raptor!

                                   Just let the power of that image wash over you for awhile.

I need a shower and a stiff drink!