Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Senior Dating Olympics

One of my best friends has been struggling for months with a decison about dating...he finally said to hell with it and took the leap. He is 70 and his new girlfriend is a woman of 28. Before you run to the bathroom to get rid of your breakfast and the bile the very thought of this conjures up, consider the following points:

1. She is not a gold digger. He has no gold and she is well aware of his lack of gold.
2. She is not on drugs.
3. She is more knowledgible about sports than he is and is content to watch them on TeeVee.
4. She has never asked him for anything.
5. She had to seduce him! (they are both enjoying the results of the seduction)

She is gorgeous and maybe whacked, but she enjoys his company and he enjoys hers. He was troubled for a long time about going beyond a simple friendship with her and asked his friends for advice. Quite a few said, stay away, you'll look foolish and the women he knows were all disgusted. When he asked me, I said, "Its a gift from the Gods, accept it with grace and thanks."

There some interesting dynamics in their relationship. He has two daughters he loves beyond recall, his new girlfriend is 12 years older than his youngest and his other daughter is older than his girlfriend's Mom.

The best story of this relationship is what a mutual friend of ours said to him, "Introduce me to her mother, we'll fall in love, I'll marry her and then I can be your Dad!" This is not as far fetched as it might sound, this buddy has been married 6 times. He falls in love with anyone he dates more than a handful of times. He married the same Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader twice! His sister said she is tired of going to his weddings and now only attends if they are held at a nice resort.

In other news:

A guy I know lives in Las Vegas. He was transferred there by his company and was fired in January. He got a good exit package and he has hung around while he looks for a new gig. Of course he is in his mid fifties and male, so the opportunities are slim to say the least. He allots himself $100 a week for the slots, some weeks he is up and others he is down. His routine is to wander into the new casino that's attached to his apartment building in the late afternoon, run twenty bucks through the slot machines, have a drink and then go home and eat ramen. One afternoon he won a couple of hundred dollars. When he was on his third drink at the casino bar a stunning Asian-American woman sat down next to him. She was articulate, bright and from LA. They talked for an hour or so and she admitted she was a working girl. Intrigued, he said how much? She told him $1,000. My friend quickly started to negotiate, she came down alittle, but it was still too much for an unemployed guy. Frustrated, he finally said what can you do for $300? She told him and they left for his apartment. An hour later he was stunned and exhausted. The next day, he went to the casino and did his usual routine, twenty in the slots and a drink at the bar. He won $2,500 dollars. He took her business card out of his wallet, called her on his cell phone and purchased her services for the night and put the balance in his bank account. I ask him how it went, he said worth it at twice the price! Disgusting, I know but it did wonders for his morale.

Internet dating services:

I have two people that do work for me from time to time who've started on-line dating. One is a divorced woman, when she posted her info, they matched her with her ex-husband. The other is a guy who got matched with the mother of a kid who works for him.


  1. What 70 year old would be stupid enough to date a 28 year old. Thats disgusting Bob. There must be something in the Bible about it. Oh yeah here it is. Go out there my son and be fruitful! geo

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