Thursday, March 14, 2013

Doggie Adoption Games

After our good, old boy Jager passed on to his doggie reward, the Cakes and I were going to take some time off from being dog people. We were good with that even if I still talk to him when I get home in my stupid dog voice and his ashes are on the table next to the Cake's side of the bed!

Out of the blue, our friend John in Florida comes up with a dog adoption. Of course we've already fallen in love with the big, strong and handsome German Shepherd from looking at pictures, watching video and reading John's long and detailed e-mails about the dog. The deal is done except there are a few details beyond the normal hassles of transportation, vet checks and papers and, and and.

The owner was in the position of having to choose between his wife in New York City and his dog and house in Florida has chosen the wife and is moving back. When we heard this we were excited as Jager used to get when I'd offer him a bite of my steak. However, the owner told John that what he'd like to do is keep the dog with him until he sells his house. Florida is the worst real estate market in the country, this could take years. The dog is 20 months old, by the time the house sells he'll have a gray muzzle. This is one of those "awww shit moments". That was yesterday, today there is a glimmer of hope. John thinks he can talk the guy into giving him up now, because its in the dog's best interest and it is, let's hope the retired cop agrees. We'll see.

Meanwhile John gets a rather cryptic e-mail from a woman in Boston who had John raise her German Shepherd for his first 12 months. She and her husband have been gloriously happy with the dog. She teaches at Northeastern University and she takes the dog to work, the dog has even been to black tie parties. The woman says the dog is a lab in a GSD costume. All of a sudden she has decided that the dog would be better off with a family with another dog and did he have any ideas.John doesn't have a clue what's going on, but she is calling him tonight and hopefully she'll explain.Cakes and I know this dog and he is a superb what?

This is nuts, I've had 3 GSDs, I couldn't have given any of them up. Now there's two of them being given up by people who are long time, experienced GSD owners. Neither of them are people who get a dog and realize they are a life changer and a lot of work and decide to hell with it I don't want to deal with it.I don't get it, but on the other hand we may end getting one of them or both.

I used to tell the Cakes when I brushed Jager that I could build a litter of pups out the hair that came off him. I can't imagine having two, but then again, we miss those doggie kisses, screw the dog hair.

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