Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mid Week Dinner

Jan and I are gettng ready for bed,we both have brutal schedules so 11p is bed time here in lovely SoCal. We were reflecting on the day with a cup of tea on the patio. My Great Grandmother Alice Harris (looked like the beloved Queen Mother) would be so happy that "tay" is part of our lives as it was in hers.

I do all the cooking around this spread, today I stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home at 7p. I bought (for the first time) TJ's stuffed haddock, w/crab meat stuffing. The price, a buck ninety-nine each. I picked up a bag of fingerling potatoes, a bunch of baby bok choy and a bottle of Kim Crawford* Savignon Blanc. Food costs: $7.96, add the wine at $14 bucks. Incredible meal for 21 bucks. Even without  the wine dinner would be more than double at a decent restaurant. A nice meal on a nice night after a long day. I enjoyed it with my nice wife and nice old dog. Ah, nice is very good.

Speaking of restaurants here is Jan's place,, she doesn't own it, but it's her concept, her design and her style. She splits her time between Napa Tavern and her real job as Marketing Director of Urban Home Furniture,, the look of the stores, the products, the copy and of course the style is all Jan. Her boss is almost as lucky as I am. He's pretty much a dick and I'm not. Plus I sleep with her and he doesn't!

*We like Kim Crawford wine not only because its a good low-middle priced product but the minister at the Arlington Street Church we belonged to in Boston (Unitarian Universalist) was the fabulous Dr. Kim Crawford.

My Mom died 5 years ago this past week, we still miss her and for the longest time I kept her number in my phone. Everybody misses Mom. Here is one of her favorites by her fellow North Dakotan Peggy Lee. I'll write more about Mom soon,  but let it be known she was honored with one of the finest funerals in recent history, even though the ministers and the funeral director didn't quite get it.
Screw 'em....

On that note, I'm going to bed and read some Ed Abbey.

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