Monday, May 21, 2012

Mitt was a terrible governor (and a jerk)

This is Mitt Romney. He was my governor once upon a time. He has been running for office since 1992. He is a professional politician.

He is not an outsider. He has never been a businessman or as he likes to say a "job creator". He was and is a Venture Capitalist, not a banker. Bain Capital isn't a bank and Mitt wasn't a nice, friendly banker that you might meet at the local Vet's Club on Friday night.  

Romney appears to know what he is talking about until the moment he is asked a question that is not been pre-scripted. In his run for Ted Kennedy's Senate seat in the early 90's Mitt was doing fine, he was even ahead in the polls until he met a very vulnerable Ted Kennedy in a live debate at Fanuel Hall. Romney fell apart and lost the election, Teddy kicked his ass, big time. Mitt is not fast on his feet.

Massachusetts has always elected moderate Republican Governors, guys like Frank Sergeant, Bill Weld, Paul Celluci and many, many others, that's what we thought we were getting with Mitt. We didn't.

Mitt began running for president about 15 minutes after he was elected governor. He would get on a plane go somewhere in one of the Confederate States and refute everything he'd told the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. When his comments were reported, he'd say he didn't say them, when video was produced he'd say that wasn't what he meant and then he stopped talking. Mitt is a liar.

Mitt did something else, no governor had ever done in the Commonwealth, he made the the governor's offices off limits to anyone who wasn't on his list. There were velvet ropes in the hallway and big burly security guards posted. Gone were the days when a Democratic Senate President could stick his head in the door of the Governor's office, walk in, sit down and solve a problem. Didn't happen with Mitt.

Every campaign stop Mitt rolls out this lie. "I balanced the budget when I was governor, every year for 4 years." (notice no mention of which state he governed) The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a constitutional requirement to balance the budget and has since it was an English Colony. The budget has been balanced every year since then. Mitt is inept.

The Commonwealth leads the nation in education, lowest divorce rate, has a solid modern economy and the best health care with the highest percentage of coverage in the country. And 'Taxachusetts" is around 14th in tax rates out of 50. Its a pretty good place to live and work and one would think that a former governor would be proud of that, Mitt isn't.

We got hip to Mitt's act very quickly, after a year in office his approval ratings were in the 30's. Mitt is a jerk.

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