Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tea Bag Hypocrites and Life with the Romneys

This kind of looks like one of those cheesy Thomas (The painter of Light) Kinkcaid paintings, doesn't it? I'll attempt to keep you updated on the court proceedings between his mistress and his estranged wife as they battle over his estate. Thomas had a habit of chasing valium with booze and it finally caught up with him. Broke the hearts of tens of thousands of "art lovers" in towns big and small all across Amurika.

This is really a shot of the wildfires in Colorado. Colorado Congressmen: Rep. Scott Tipton (R -3d CD), Rep. Cory Gardner (R-4th CD), Rep, Mike Coffman (R-6th CD). Tea Baggers all, voted for the Paul (Hey, let's gut America, just for the hell of it) Ryan Budget in congress. Which would slash federal programs that help states deal with disasters like this. The three of them are now begging the federal government for cash (?) and help in fighting the fires. Hey guys, maybe if enough of your constituents homes burn down, their cattle get barbecued and they experience mudslides after the next rain, they'll wise up and not vote for asshats like you.

On to my former Governor Mitt Romney.

This is Mitt Romney, he is the presumptive Republican nominee for President. Mitt has been speaking about a bunch of things lately. First he got in an argument with actual teachers in Philly over class size, Mitt tossed out some BS that class size doesn't matter, of course the teachers handed Mitt his ass and he split. Mitt had said classes should be around 40 students! Great press op Mitt!

These guys, Mitt's 5 boys, went to a prep school that advertises that "all classes have 12 or fewer students".

The young Romneys, all "successful young business men" were given a little help by their Dad. So they could get started in life....$100,000,000 worth of help. Eldest son, Tagg got another $10,000,000 from his daddy. Mitt also handed him his Rolodex and got his old partners from Bain to toss in more millions. Tagg started his own venture fund and guess what? He invested in a solar company partially backed with federal funding. That runs in the family, when Tagg's dad "saved" the Winter Olympics after the crooked "businessmen" in Salt Lake looted the games and got indicted. Mitt swooped in and saved the day with 2 billion in federal funds.

Take a look at this picture. Not one of these people will EVER have to worry about paying the electric bill, worry about the price of gas, how to wrangle a business loan, pay for health insurance or go a day in their lives just a little hungry. Of course they completely understand how America works. For them! You can project this scenario for generations into the future. As nice as they all look, clean cut, happy, all American....they don't have a clue. Mitt and Ann suffered as a young married couple in college, they had to live off the stock Mitt's Dad gave him.

Mitt has produced his own Mormon Stake, think what he could have done if polygamy hadn't been outlawed and his grandpa wouldn't have had to move to Mexico so he could hang onto all those sister wives.

Mitt has a habit of saying "Obama spent too much time at Harvard". Mitt went to school at Harvard longer than the president did and he sent all 5 of his sons there.


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