Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sir Michael Phillip Jagger

Today is Mick Jagger's 69th birthday. I've been a fan of the Stones since the first record. I've seen them around 14 times in concert. My favorite Stones record is "Stripped". I love the sound of the CD, on it the Stones sound like what they are, "The World's Greatest Rock and Roll Band." I like Exile on Main Street, Sticky Fingers, Beggar's Banquet, Let It Bleed...hell, I like them all and I don't get tired of them either.

Over the years Mick and his mates have had quite a few falling outs, arguments and have gone years without speaking.  Through all that for 50 years they have continued to rock. Not a bad record for English kids whose only goal was to be the "Best Band in London".

Stones songs have been markers in my life. I had a terrible break up with a long time girlfriend in college, the number one song at the time, "Paint it Black"!

Later, in between marriages, I had another falling out with a woman, I got in the car, punched the button for the classic rock station and the first song I heard was "Bitch".

When my daughters were little kids I'd crank up the stereo (audio system?) at home and put Stone's vinyl on the turn table and they'd dance their little butts off to Brown Sugar, Street Fightin Man and many more Stone's tunes. I can see them dancing around the family room when I hear those songs.

When Kristen, my oldest kid was in college she and her friends saw the Stones in San Diego, her friends asked her how she knew all the words, she told them, "My Dad!"

The Stones changed the concert business, in fact they turned the economics of it upside down. The promoters used to get all the money for a live show. Now thanks to the Stones, the performers get most of it. As Boston concert promoter Don Law once said, "Mick Jagger didn't go to the London School of Economics for nothing!"

Keith Richards (my favorite Stone) wrote in his biography "Life", when the Stones were a young band they toured England and Scotland as the opening act for James Brown and the Famous Flames. After a couple of weeks JB invited them to an after concert party. Keith said Brown was sending a band member out for food, another for drinks and another was shining his shoes. Keith said, "I was appalled and Mick was enthralled." When the Queen gave the band MBE's Mick was excited, Keith turned his down. The Queen made Mick a "Sir" and she didn't bother to offer a title to Keith. They may not like each other as they once did but when they are together they sure as hell still rock and that' good enough for this old, cranky Stones fan.

This tune is still their best....

Happy Birthday Sir Micheal and you know what? I'll always be younger than you are!


  1. Bravo! And word is there planning another tour!

  2. It was actually nosebleed seats at the LA Coliseum! We had to use binoculars just to see the frickin' screens!
    We were 19 and dancing our brains out and got a lot of older folks pissed while they were trying to eat their wine and chees baskets...snort.
    I attribute my proclivity for impeccable sound quality and driving bass to my good ole daddy-o, for sure...I saw Mick on SNL and despite his awesomely untouched face, he was just as on it as any 20 something energy wise....I hope to be rockin it that hard 25 years from now! Go Mick1

  3. Love that your Kristen learned the lyrics from you. Our Kristin used to hear us sing"you can't always get what you want..." as we navigated her early years. I've seen them perform several times and have never been disappointed. Last show I saw was at the United Center in Chicago...everyone of the band took a break from the stage, probably took a blow of Oxygen, EXCEPT Keith, who damned well should be a Sir. Never left the stage!!! As you know his auto bio is a treasure of memories and tales...tails too.